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Sunday, November 13, 2011


how to read/write/unlock/reset your Blackberry SPC cod

get these software :

1.UNICDMA any version ( mine was 3.1.4 )
2.Loader File pass:cuf0008
3.Blackberry Desktop Manager ( below ver 5.0 )

important :
!!!must always connect your BB to your PC through USB, from the start until the end..!!

this is what you've got to do :

(run your DM connect your BB with your PC, wait until it's connected)
1. use the loader file according to your BB ( cdma ) series
2. after " no application linked " and white screen come the UNICDMA
3. in UNICDMA, SETUP your COM port, click on the MONITOR tab, choose QUALLCOM on the MODE tab, choose your own spc code o( 6 digit )n the security lock on LOCKS tab, and click on WRITE SPC..
4. wait until the SPC WRITE success...
5. re install your BB os with DM to restart your BB, choose upgrade software, follow the instruction ( because even after you succeded writing your SPC, your BB is still on " no application linked " condition.
6. wait until it's done...try your new SPC code with ##yourspccode ( 6 digit )
7. it it works you should be able to see the CDMA security edit screen, the information here is necessary for you to change CDMA provider..

hope it helps you as it help me!